Friday, October 19, 2007

Sideblog Snippets #1

A return to the original spirit of web-logging....

  • Well done to former Derby Telegraph colleague Deborah Wain who has won the Paul Foot Award for investigative journalism.

  • Could Cherie Blair become a Labour MP? Mike White thinks so.

  • The House of Commons may need to decamp to a new location. I nominate Derby.

  • Inheritance tax: Why Gordon should have listened to Stephen Byers.

  • Skipper asks whether Party Conference timings favour the Tories.

  • Bill Blanko reckons the new Commons Press Bar is a charter for editors' narks to spy on lunchtime tipplers.

  • "I think I've had my shot," says Charles Kennedy. What, just the one?

  • Ousted Telegraph pol ed George Jones' lobby career just rolls on and on

  • Former North-East Labour Regional Press Officer Hopi Sen launches a rather good blog.

  • Geoff Hoon succeeds where Hilary Armstrong failed and evicts the spin merchants from No 12.

  • Looks like the Blog Wars are back on again.

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