Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A fond farewell

It was a wreck when I bought it back in 1989, and it took me the best part of ten years to turn it into a comfortable place to live. But this little house in Belper became our home and although we have now had to move on in order to accommodate our growing family, it hurt to have to say goodbye. My only consolations are the memories of so many wonderful times spent here down the years, and the knowledge that this beloved house has now gone to two delightful people who will shortly be starting out on their married life together. I hope it will be as great a blessing to them as it has been for me.

Here are some pictures of the house looking at its best earlier this year after all the years of hard work and restoration had been completed. It's how I would like to remember it.

It's nothing much to look at on the outside, I know, but there was treasure within.

The lounge area with the original fireplace I discovered while removing a partition. A local man born in the house later told me it had been covered up since the 40s.

The dining room area, scene of some great evenings and Christmas meals down the years.

All roads led to and from the kitchen, the hub of the house.

My downstairs study area was a real oasis of calm away from the rest of the family. In latter years, much blogging was done from this room!

A room which went through many owners, from a friend who stayed here for a few riotous months in the summer of 1990, to my son George who had it for the last three years.

The garden, constructed from a concrete wilderness, was my proudest achievement, and many of my happiest hours at the house were spent here.

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Lord Jerk-Higham said...

Paul, it looks so cozy. How could you leave? I know - growing family but still.

Paul Linford said...


Careful, or you'll set me off!

It was cosy, but I guess with two kids it was in danger of becoming slightly too cosy...

David Gladwin said...

The summer of 1990.

I was that friend.

That was my room.

What a time it was!

Praguetory said...

Class. What an insight!

Anonymous said...
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